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A powerful performer for Portion Cutting Bone-In and Boneless Products

Save time automatically
Cutting with PUMA means a performance of 400 cuts per minute combined with absolute precision.
No matter if it´s chops, steaks, cutlets, pork belly or meatloaf, whether it´s fresh, chilled or frozen down to – 4 degrees. As the blade is directly coupled to the drive motor, its cuts using the motor´s power at nearly 100 %.

Sesotec RAYCON X-ray inspection system provides highly accurate inline detection of contaminates (magnetic and non-magnetic metals, glass, and ceramics, stone, PVC and rubber).  Other product defects such as broken, malformed, or missing products, clumping and trapped air can also be detected.

Reliable detection is even guaranteed in metallic or metalized packaging materials.  For separating purposes standard or customer specific units can be integrated.

  • Multi product software – has the ability to run up to 20 different products at the same time
  • Able to scan 1,2,3 or 4 lanes of product simultaneously


Avoid the disaster of costly recalls that could break valuable contracts.  Invest in the peace of reliable detection systems by contacting CBS Foodtech for discussions on your needs.

ABOUT CBS Foodtech

CBS Foodtech Pty Ltd is an Australian owned multifaceted company that is today a significant contributor to the food processing industry. A family owned and operated business established in its Sydney premises for 30 years.